Secure Yourself After A Car Accident

15 Jan 2014 10:12

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A car accident can be a very upsetting encounter. But it is extremely important not to panic after a car accident . Instead, keep a clear head.

And most crucial, Stay Calm

Focus initially on behaving to protect yourself and help various other car accident sufferers. Do not talk about the car accident with anybody aside from the police. Do not condemn any person, including on your own. Never say with the other motorist— even if you are sure that person caused the car accident.

Secondly, Get Help

Do not leave the site of the car accident. Call 9-1-1 from the car accident setting, to inform police concerning the crash. If anyone was hurt, ask the 9-1-1 driver to send emergency situation health care employees to the car accident website instantly.

Collection flares, if you hold them, to advise various other motorists to decrease and prevent the people and vehicles associated with the car accident.

Obtain the Drivers Facts

Document the name, address, telephone number, vehicle driver's certificate number and state, license plate number, registration, and automobile insurance policy details, featuring the insurance plan number.

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Ownership Facts

If the vehicle driver of the other motor vehicle was not the owner, write down the name, address, insurance coverage company, and car insurance coverage variety of the owner of that automobile.

Hurt Parties

Ask the cops concerning all victims, featuring the guests in the cars. If possible, take down their names, addresses, dates of childbirth, gender, and degree of injuries.


Look around for anyone who may have visited the car accident, featuring onlookers and dwellers of other cars. Make certain to write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all these witnesses.


List the make, body type, year, and certificate lot of all the automobile associated with the car accident. Note the damage to each of the vehicles.

Car Accident Scene

Draw a diagram of the car accident site. Write off the street names, and the place of any kind of stop lights, traffic control indicators, or various other landmarks. Note the road of each car simply prior to the spot where they clashed.

Safeguard Your Health

After an automobile crash, achieve health care interest. Often, car accident victims are too shocked right after a bad crash to understand whether or not they were injured. It is a good idea to see your individual doctor as soon as possible. Inform your doctor about the motor vehicle accident, to make sure that he or she could examine for interior injuries that might arise from a terrible accident.

Report the Car Accident

If cops did not involved the car accident setting, call the authorities to file a record, as quickly as you manage to make a phone call. If the motorist of the other motor vehicle left the collision setting, you still have to mention the car accident to the authorities. Get a copy of the cops record whenever it is readily available.

File an Auto Insurance Claim

Let your vehicle insurance policy business regarding the car accident instantly and acquire an insurance policy case number. Ask the car insurance coverage agent to open up a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) data, to keep all your civil liberties under your policy.

Be sure to let your insurance coverage business know if you were in a hit-and-run car accident. Some insurance plan need notice of a case entailing an unidentified vehicle driver within 30 days of the car accident.

Inform your own auto insurance policy firm that you declare your right to any uninsured or under insured driver insurance coverage, in case the vehicle or truck that hit you was not covered by car insurance. Insurance companies commonly need punctual notification of these claims and might turned down for these advantages to any individual who does not follow the meticulous needs in their policies.

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